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Years of experience with lifestyle and luxury brands in the field of Marketing and Communication, INLUX is perfectly suited to give strategic advice to entrepreneurs and their businesses. Therefore, INLUX is not performing consultancy in a traditional way, rather with a holistic approach of quality in space, expression and communication. Overall, it takes a sublime intelligence, intuition as well as attention for details, to create desires for products and services.



What we can do:

> UPGRADING: Refinement strategies in space, expression and communication for differentiation and new pricing.

> COMMUNICATION: Consistent communication strategies, offline and online (social media). In text and image.

> SOCIAL MEDIA: Development of Social Media strategies and implementation support.

> CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Creation of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

> CONSUMER INSIGHTS: Generating know-how for a maximum utilization of existing customer potential and acquisition.

> BRAND DEVELOPMENT: Shaping and developing new brands, supporting and energizing existing brands.

> CREATIONAL TALK: We will give ideas, input and feedback regarding existing questions on an hourly basis.

> BEST-PRACTICE-SHARING: We will share cases for orientation, which are interesting for your business model.


We are bringing people, brands and businesses together: Through the conception and implementation of exclusive events and meetings in terms e.g. panels.



Since 2011, INLUX is hosting Germany’s one and only symposium for decision makers of the premium and luxury goods industry: the LBD Luxury Business Day. Thus, offers a platform for best-practice-sharing, networking and deal-making.

The upcoming LBD Luxury Business Day takes place on the 21st of June in 2018 with the topic „Hyperlative luxury – the psychology of the rich and super-rich”. Ticket reservations:


Partner of the LBD Luxury Business Days:




The LBR Luxury Business Report is Germany’s one and only annual special-interest medium of the luxury industry. Core of every LBR Luxury Business Report is a study about a current industry topic, as well as the ranking of the Top 25 German luxury brands.


Luxury Insights INLUX
The online magazine is the digital extension of the LBR Luxury Business Report with current information about the luxury industry. Including analysis, studies, interviews and personal opinions of industry experts.